ICFF 2022

How refreshing to once again gather at the ICFF annual convention. This year there may have been fewer exhibitors than in the past, but the level of enthusiasm more than made up for the smaller size, and it was gratifying to see the design industry adapting to our new reality.

From numerous conversations with exhibitors, it’s clear everyone desperately wants to go back to the way it was before the pandemic. In fact, there was barely any mention of Covid in exhibitors’ sales pitches — unlike at the beginning of the pandemic when many brands focused on their product’s Covid-related uses. On a side note, much sympathy to Pandemic Design Studio whose founder thought up the name years ago as a student, envisioning his work “spreading” throughout the world. Not surprisingly, this year he made a conscious decision to leave signage and branding off his booth (you can check out his work here: https://www.pandemicdesignstudio.com/).

The takeaway from our experience at ICFF is the importance, more than ever, to have a close relationship with your vendors and regional sales reps. Post-Covid, lead times and pricing are constantly fluctuating, and their invaluable assistance will help you avoid a lot of struggle.

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