1173 Rogers Ave
Architecture Building

5 stories
21 units

For this 21-unit condominium in East Flatbush, the client desired a single façade material to streamline construction without compromising on aesthetics. The dual-tone brick facade evokes the visual effect of multiple materials while the soldiered brickwork helps define floor levels and fenestration placement. The design is accentuated by strategically positioned lighting fixtures and a foliage lined entry. The south-facing terraces with vast windows provide natural light all day and even a chance garden in the warmer months.

Parking has been provided on the ground floor to avoid the high costs associated with deep excavation for underground parking. A little creativity can go a long way in solving the zoning regulated parking space requirements and vehicle maneuvering constraints in small lots such as these.

The natural motifs endure when entering the building’s ground floor corridor, warm tones and mixed textures wrapped throughout. Brass lighting fixtures with clean lines bring light into the lounge alcove. Mailboxes have migrated from the original concept to include package lockers, a new standard for the age of delivery.

Inside each unit, subtle ribbons of gray flow through the white quartz countertops and backsplash. The brightness is balanced by the earthy tones of the base cabinets in the kitchen and the hardwood floor throughout the unit. Large taupe porcelain tiles soften the spacious bathroom and a wooden mirror cabinet above the vanity offers stylish detail and functionality. Rooted by light and warmth, the atmosphere is all together welcoming and secure.

“I am delighted to provide my heartfelt testimonial for the completed multi-story building designed by Jacob and his team. Their innovative and visionary approach seamlessly blended aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, resulting in a captivating structure.

The building’s harmonious integration with the environment, meticulous attention to detail, and incorporation of state-of-the-art technology showcase their exceptional talent. Working with Jacob and his team was a pleasure, as their professionalism and dedication to perfection shone through at every stage. We are truly grateful for their remarkable work.”  – Michael S, Property Owner

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