1620 New York Avenue
Architecture Building

East Flatbush
7 stories
56 units

The façade, composed of off-black brick and glass balconies, stands out against its neighboring buildings. Projecting balconies above the entrance create a dynamic focal point that carries the eye upward. Off to the sides, angular balconies protrude outward and then seamlessly recede back in, completing the striking composition.

Upon arrival of the rooftop you are greeted to an expansive space filled with a fun and relaxing environment. We created dedicated areas throughout the rooftop including dining, lounging and an outdoor theater. Introducing grass pavers to the rooftop helped differentiate between the numerous activities.

The overarching challenge for this rooftop was working around the multiple mechanical obtrusions. We custom designed multi-leveled planters that doubled as tabletops to conceal the necessary equipment. We also created a double-sided fence with an offset design ensuring that the equipment would properly vent while hiding it from view.

Stepping inside, the geometrical concept is expressed through the use of shapes and forms. Pops of color add depth to the design and create a warm and inviting ambiance. In the hallways, living green walls provide a sense of connection to nature, which is particularly important in urban environments.

One important aspect of this project that we want to highlight is that it’s all about the details. Regardless of how small.

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