17-11 Hancock Street
Architecture Building

7 stories
60 units

17-11 Hancock Street presents a contemporary aesthetic with clean and consistent execution.

Warm gray thin-brick creates simulated depth, with a fraction of the thickness of a traditional brick facade. The depth is further emphasized by sections of split face thin-brick and a cornice at the top of the building. Smart design choices minimized the space needed to deliver the client’s desired aesthetic and ensured we remain within the property line.

The front doors open to contrasting charcoal and light gray tiles inlaid to create a geometric frame below the feet. Above, a single power source supplies multiple bulb heads. The final lighting layout was provided before construction began, allowing the fixture to be embedded in the exposed concrete ceiling. This coordination with the general contractor, City Builders, resulted in high ceilings throughout the build.

Across the units, the concrete slab is finished with a covercoat in lieu of drop ceilings. This technique gives the spaces additional height and a consistently clean look. Natural light from European windows reflects on the white hex mosaic and lower cabinetry in the kitchen. In the bathroom, a custom vanity design delivers on style & utility. Though not initially planned, this unique fixture eliminated a supply chain related delay without changing other design elements.

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