185 Marcy Avenue
Architecture Building

6 stories
20 units

After our design of BFG’s corporate offices created a positive impression, the building’s owner commissioned us to work on the building’s historic façade. Rather than mask the building’s original design, we consciously embraced and restored all of its century-old details. 

One of the most significant architectural featuresthe cornice—had vanished over time. Using a two-thousand-year-old roman formula, we determined the height of the cornice to be just under 4 feet tall and selected a profile that coordinated with the other stone elements. 

Different types of lighting were implemented to accentuate the stone detailing and produce interesting plays of light and dark to highlight the facade’s unique stonework.

We designed elegant, yet understated, scrolled railings at the entry stairs to complement the building. And topping off the restoration, we reclaimed and polished the granite stairs to truly bring them back to their former glory. 

We were delighted to see how accurately we restored the building when the Department of Records & Information Services (DORIS) published an image of the building from the 1940s.  

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