110 Washington
Interior Building

110 Washington Street, Bloomfield, New Jersey
5 stories
176 units

The lobby sets the tone for the entire building, meticulously designed for an inviting atmosphere and comfort. Designated lounging areas allow guests to relax while waiting or engage in conversation, serving as focal points that blend aesthetics with functionality. Lofty ceilings allowed us to design captivating features like coves and dropped ceilings, making the space visually dynamic. The elevator lobby, adjacent to the main lobby, features a simple yet intentional wood paneling design that extends throughout all floors.

Designing the unusually lengthy corridors posed the challenge of preventing monotonous repetition while accommodating the interruptions caused by each apartment entrance setback. Working hand-in-hand with the carpet manufacturer, we custom-designed a linear gradient pattern that skillfully navigates individuals through the winding corridor. Moreover, the shifts in color within the gradient effectively delineate the entry setbacks of each apartment, providing a clear definition and visual appeal. To create a bright and spacious corridor, we selected soft gray paint for the walls and a tastefully patterned wallcovering for the entry setbacks.

Incorporating neutral colors allows tenants to customize their living spaces, reflecting their unique personalities and tastes. In the kitchen, slim shaker-style base cabinets in a soft, light gray hue seamlessly blend with the matte white slab-style upper cabinet doors. Light gray trim under the upper cabinets creates a captivating and cohesive visual in the kitchen. With a focus on practicality, the bathroom design incorporates tiled wet walls, and wood floor tiles to create a warm and comforting atmosphere. Illuminated medicine cabinets provide ample and uniform lighting, catering to the diverse needs of residents.

The lounge presented a significant challenge due to its large size and various structural and mechanical constraints. We devised an innovative solution by constructing a wall that cleverly masked the columns, effectively dividing the lounge into a spacious lounging area and a cozy game area. The partition wall featured enclosed sections for columns and mechanical components, along with convenient open shelving. The game area is distinguished by a deliberate shift in flooring and lighting, complemented by the reintroduction of wood paneling from the elevator lobby, creating a seamless visual journey.


The terrace furniture selections focus on complementing the surroundings. Sleek black frames and warm gray upholstery effortlessly blend with terracotta-colored pavers, stone-colored stucco, and vibrant red brick, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

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