142 Clymer
Interior Building

South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
6 stories
6 units

Located in the South Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, 142 Clymer stands as an upscale 6 story condominium. BEAM Architects designed the interiors, drawing inspiration from the arched windows. The design subtly incorporates curves and arcs, creating a cohesive theme that captures the essence of the facade.

In the lobby and corridors, a combination of marble-look tiles and the striking black-and-white palette creates a timeless aesthetic with a contemporary touch. A gold-leaved vaulted ceiling in the lobby and a series of coves adorned with pendants in the corridors offer creative solutions for the uniquely narrow and tall spaces.

The kitchens, custom designed in Italy, required close collaboration between the fabricator, general contractor, and the client to bring the design to fruition. The layout was designed to incorporate the arched windows, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

A washing station niche was ingeniously curved to form a vertical arch, adding a unique architectural touch. Incorporating the marble-look tiles from the public spaces into the powder room design brings a cohesive element to the overall design.

The arrangement of tiles in the master bathroom accentuates both the bathtub and the generously-sized shower, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Satin nickel finishes, combined with a patterned tile that mirrors the graining color of the marble-look tile, evoke a spa-like ambiance. The family bathroom combines the two tiles to form a feature wall above the bathtub, creating an eye-catching focal point.

The Pesach kitchen, concealed behind a removable wall system when not in use, unveils a monochromatic design featuring warm gray slab-style cabinets and a dimensional tile backsplash. In a similar vein, the laundry room combines the white cabinets from the kitchen and the warm gray cabinets from the Pesach kitchen, resulting in a fresh and inviting space. Various shelving, hanging, and storage options maximize functionality.

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