Brooklyn Financial Group Offices
Interior Building

20,000 sf

The client wanted us to incorporate their brand image into the design of their flagship office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Working side-by-side with their branding agency, we leveraged their logo’s green accented “arrow” and adapted it as a key design element. We infused the green accent color with rich, dark finishes throughout the space to reinforce their brand image. 

A notable challenge we faced was the floor layout which included many twists and turns. To mitigate this dilemma, we rounded the edges of several corners and incorporated subtle wayfinding techniques to help with traffic flow and navigation.

Amongst the numerous features found throughout the space is a 200 sq ft preserved vertical garden wall in the courtyard lounge. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, it acts as a sound absorber, helps regulate humidity levels, and is a natural air purifier.

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