Jolly Early Education
Interior Building

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
19 classrooms
15,000 sf
Under Construction

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Jolly Educational Center epitomizes a refined, elegant, community-oriented vision in daycare design.

Efficient Architectural Planning:

  • Comprehensive code and zoning analysis enable us to maximize space utilization and accommodate numerous classrooms, ensuring the comfort of both children and care workers.
    Challenges we faced and successfully resolved code-wise include handicapped-accessible baby bathrooms, bathrooms for diaper-using infants, and the requirement of showers for the kids.

Nature-Inspired Sanctuary:

  • Our design concept transforms the center into a nature-inspired environment that fosters a sense of community and connection, igniting children’s curiosity and deepening their bond with the natural world.

Elegant Palette & Sustainable Materials:

  • Seamlessly combining natural hues and client brand colors, the design showcases the community’s commitment to sustainability while maintaining a visually appealing and cohesive space.

Child-Centric & Community-Oriented Design:

  • Reception area amenities, such as dual-purpose tree-inspired columns, a versatile bench nook, an interactive busy board, and a curated petite library, cater to children’s and parents’ well-being and experiences. The innovative lamps with integrated planters add a touch of greenery.
    The strategic layout of hallways and classrooms instills a sense of belonging, featuring visually captivating elements such as cloud-shaped lamps and tree-like columns, color-coded rooms for specific functions. Windows from the classroom to the hallway, maximize visibility, while wall-covering ensures children’s safety.

Supportive & Efficient Staff Workspaces:

  • The executive office and teachers’ room are thoughtfully designed with ergonomic furniture, subtle green accents, and color-coded zones, creating a comfortable and organized environment.

Innovative Daylight Solutions:

  • To overcome limited natural daylight, our design incorporates LED light panels that skillfully replicate daylight through window-like fixtures, enhancing children’s well-being and development by facilitating spatial pattern recognition.

Our architectural expertise elevates the daycare facility into a visually captivating, engaging, and functional space that meets the community’s unique needs.

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