Smoothon Lofts
Interior Building

Jersey City
3 stories
18 units

Smoothon Lofts, named after the centuries-old iron cement factory that once occupied the building, is located in the heart of Jersey City. The building’s rich history dates back to the late 19th century and has been a witness to the growth and development of Jersey City ever since.

Tasked to design the interiors, we elected to celebrate Smoothon’s cultural and historical significance across the design. We captured the spirit of the company by repurposing remnants of the factory as focal points throughout the spaces.  An oversized gear was transformed into a chandelier in the lobby and salvaged steel barn doors were reutilized as a wayfinding feature in the corridors. 

The apartments were given a subtle touch of modernity to counterbalance the unpolished nature of the existing features. Matte white kitchen cabinets paired with pure white quartz countertops allowed the restored brick walls to take center stage. The bathroom was styled with subway tiles and exposed plumbing fixtures to reinforce the industrial design aesthetic.

The lounge was designed to provide multiple opportunities for residents to work, relax, or socialize. Furniture made from raw materials and distressed upholstery was handpicked to complement the exposed brick. In the fitness center, dark weathered wall panels were paired with a contemporary track light system to enhance the overall design concept.

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